Forrest Kirkpatrick founded forK design in 2011.  Why forK design?  He just removed the extra letters from his name--they weren't unnecessary, just extra.  The studio works in the same way:  there are lots of choices out there.  To create the most value in a project, we cut out the extras and deliver the parts that will give your project the most value.  Design is not as much premium as it is choice.

forK design is a full-service architecture firm operating in East Tennessee.  Site, context, and the environment are taken seriously here, as are the client, budget, and the persons who will build the projects.  Contractors are brought into the process early to lend their expertise.  We build things, and we get things built.

Forrest is a founding board member and current president of Nourish Knoxville, Inc., a Knoxville-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working in the East Tennessee region to cultivate and support relationships between farmers, artisanal producers, and the community through outreach, education, and advocacy to build healthy communities through connections to local food.  Projects include the East Tennessee Local Food Guide, Market Square Farmers’ Market, Winter Farmers’ Market, and Market Square Holiday Market.

2011  (photo Bruce Cole)


2013  (photo Bruce Cole)

2013  (photo Bruce Cole)