Fork design is an architecture + fabrication firm operating in East Tennessee.  Site, context, and the environment are taken seriously here, as are the client, budget, and the persons who build the projects.  Contractors are brought into the process early to offer their insight.  We build things, and we get things built.

Forrest Kirkpatrick founded Fork design in 2011.  Why Fork?  He removed the extra letters from his name – they weren't unnecessary, just extra.  The studio works in the same way: to create the most value in a project, we cut out the extras and deliver the parts that will give your project the most value.  

  • Vision : To inspire a South Appalachia Region built upon social, economic and environmental equity.

  • Mission : To build beautiful objects and spaces.

  • Values :
    Build a creative culture around making.
    Inspire change, question the status quo.
    Respect for the environment, the culture, and the stakeholders.
    Integrity to make responsible choices that increase value for all involved parties.
    Inclusivity of all persons and ways of life.

  • Community Involvement :
    Mayor’s Maker Council – current Vision Committee Facilitator
    Nourish Knoxville – founding board member and former president
    Knox Heritage – Vintage Homes Committee