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Our Work

We design & build because it’s the best way to solve problems.

By bringing architecture and building together, we’re able to work across the spectrum—conceiving a solution and then executing it. Until the last few decades, building project designers were always master craftsmen first. The reason: building provides deep insight for design and design knowledge helps improve building across the entire life of a project.

For us, inevitable challenges in building help refine design, pushing projects to their most beautiful, functional outcome. We’re able to build better, making adjustments as we go, because we’re architects. We’re able to design better from day one because of the insights building experience provides.

Our Architecture Work

As fully licensed architects, we create spaces in part of a team including the contractor and craftsmen, taking ownership of the design and using our knowledge of building to see solutions through execution.

Our Fabrication Work

We fabricate to function in a given space to maximum effect. We design or use our design knowledge to seamlessly employ architect’s work into real objects in real space in a short amount of time.


Fork Design uses clients’ budget and timeline as our creative boundaries for each project. We see these constraints as part of the design challenge, and some of our most creative solutions have come under tight deadlines or limited budgets.

We’ve done major fabrication projects in as little as 8 weeks and also worked on complex designs for the better part of a year or more. Timing and budget for every project is different, and we work with clients about both on a case-by-case basis.

Team Size

We keep our team project-focused, employing one licensed architect and fabricator and one support person full-time. Every project gets the benefit of our in-house building and architecture experience, and we employ that knowledge to bring in the other fabricators as needed. This allows us to create the right team, with the right expertise and no extras, for every project.