Marc Nelson

Architecture & Fabrication

700 E Depot Avenue Knoxville, TN 37917

Marc Nelson Denim’s flagship store design attempts to combine a retail showroom, maker space and community gathering area. Glass elements allow customers to see denim pieces being made as they are measured and fitted for their custom denim. A wall tile system out of 1.4 inch, scored plywood mimics the denim texture throughout, using shoulder-headed screws for fastening as a nod to denim rivets.

The project’s location in an industrial area on the edge of East Knoxville serves as a private seed project to connect financially divided areas of town. The largest design challenge was honoring the identity and the needs of a business as well as the aspirations for a community-focused gathering space open for events.

2014 Knox Heritage Fantastic Fifteen Award

TYPE Retail and Maker Space
AREA 4,500 sf
PHOTOGRAPHY Bruce Cole Photography