Haas Workstations

Architecture & Fabrication

The University of Tennessee, College of Architecture & Design

The Hass Workstations, a design solution for the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, create a studious habitat fostering both collaboration and contemplation. The design grew out of a pod-system concept, using four workbenches around a single, core element. The h-structure of the desks, allowing closure on one side and openness on the other, addresses both the need for group and solitary work through a change in surfaces. Four desks are arranged in a modular, pin-wheel scheme around the central power core.

We were able to meet the competition’s short time line—three weeks—by leveraging the dual fabrication and design experience of each of the three team members working in tandem to create design, specifications, and prototypes. All parts were fabricated locally using local materials.

2014 AIA East Tennessee Merit Award

TYPE Commercial Furniture
DESIGN TEAM Fork Design, Heuristic Workshop, Synergy Business Environments
PHOTOGRAPHY Bruce Cole Photography